Just when you thought you were alone—having to face life on your own—along comes God. That’s the thread running through all forty-three of these true stories. Behind each one is a real person with first-hand experience of how God wove Himself into lives unannounced, sometimes uninvited, always with a wise and loving purpose. I invite you to come and enjoy these heart-warming stories of how God showed up in the lives of ordinary people.

Praise and Reviews

Inspirational book award-winner at The Word Guild (2012)

“…wonderful, almost unbelievable stories…profoundly changed lives….George Slater is a skilled story-teller who takes us into the heart of people’s struggles and triumphs….Every reader will relate….Don’t miss this hopeful and inspiring book.”

Dr. Merle R. Jordan, Emeritus Professor of Pastoral Psychology, Boston University School of Theology, and author of “Reclaiming Your Story: Family History and Spiritual Growth.”

“George Slater has mined the rich experiences of people who have miraculously encountered God in life-changing ways…. Along Comes God is a delightful read that will lift your spirit.”

Dr. Kenneth Brown, LMFT, Executive Director, Hope for Families, Adoption and Counseling Services, Ft. Pierce, Florida.

“This is the most powerful book I have ever read….(It) hits you where you live—more accurately, where you want to live.”

T. L. Montreal

“This book helps me have a new perspective on happenings in my life….Though you have read it once, you will never stop reading it because you will go back again and again for inspiration. It is on my bedside table always within reach.”

M.A. Wisconsin

“You will not be the same after you read this book. It is an easy read and you will not want to put it down.”

E.S. Pennsylvania